Providing a low Cost

Route to market solution
For the mutual benefit of the supplier and the member

By joining the ICC Buying Group, retail stores of all sizes and geographic location are able to compete more competitively on price with larger retail outlets thanks to the collective buying power of the Group. There is also a range of other benefits for member stores and ICC have over the years assisted countless stores in reaching their full potential through the mentorship programme.
Numerous success stories have resulted over the years for both the stores and the communities surrounding these stores.To join the ICC Buying Group, contact us today for a more detailed introduction and overview.

About us

The ICC’s Buying Group has a central purchasing office that coordinates pricing, promotions, bulk buying and communication link with all our operating companies and their suppliers.

The ICC Buying Group is a division of the ICC Group that was established in 2001 to represent a number of independent wholesalers, for whom it would negotiate prices and trading terms and host forums with manufacturers and suppliers. As a result of its expertise and successful track record, ICC has decided to make its services more widely available throughout Southern Africa.


To provide professional services and efficient systems which ensure that all our member businesses benefit from combined competitive advantages in the following fields :

Best prices and income streams

Store formats and marketing expertise

Value added services


To provide an extensive and coordinated range selection of Food, Non-Food and Toiletry databases, together with the best possible pricing, to enhance customer satisfaction for our members.


By joining the ICC Buying Group, you immediately benefit from the collective purchasing power the group enjoys giving you access to the best prices.

Sourcing product at a low cost

Competitive trading terms, receipting and distribution

Efficiency in payment

Collective purchasing power ensures the best price

Category / merchandising support

Preferential banking rates and preferential suppliers

Mentorship and support are given to members

Value Add Services

The ICC Buying group offers the following value add services:

Category Management Principles

Store Relays

POS Software Systems

Online Deal Systems

Preferential Banking Rates

Preferential Cash in Transit Rates

Labour Consultant Expertise

Occupational Health and Safety Expertise

Online Ordering System


Contact us


Tel: (087) 815 0470

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Mon-Fri 08:00 - 17:00

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